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The Microblading Artist's Guide to Amazon

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A Guide To Amazon "Must Haves" For Microblading Artist’s

Amazon is our guilty pleasure here at Madluvv HQ, and if you are anything like us it is yours as well! We have tried many many products and have scoured the internet, big box stores and beyond and have concluded these are some of our MUST haves at unbeatable prices. They can be purchased and shipped to you for free with a swipe of a finger on Amazon Prime! 


Below is the list with the corresponding links of our top must haves! 


1. Dental Bibs

Dental Bibs on Amazon

These things make life so convenient and sanitary- we usually use 2 or more during the appt (one on the medical tray and one under our clients head during procedure)- some artists like using sheets for the client to lay their whole body, but we have found with the amount of sitting up and laying down that the sheet can sometimes slip off and get annoying. This is the perfect size and we love the color black for pics, content and overall aesthetic.


2. Alcohol wipes

Alcohol Wipes on Amazon

We love using these for pre procedure sanitizing of the brows and any edits to the predraw during the mapping process!



Tinkle Razors on Amazon 

We love these to clean up the brow after mapping and before numbing- MAKE SURE to purchase TINKLE Razors, NOT TWINKLE Razors (Twinkle razors are a cheap and dull knockoff)



4. Pigment ring

Pigment Ring Cups on Amazon

These are a perfect size and enable us to mix pigment color and to house the pigment in during the procedure without overflow! 


5. Cavi wipes

 Cavi Wipes on Amazon

We LOVE these for sanitizing- did you know we wipe down everything after every procedure? Even the ring light!



6. Disposable Pigment Applicators

Pigment Applicators on Amazon

We love these to apply all of the numbing solutions, pigment and beyond- Maddie, our Founder swears by using the plastic end, but you can use either side!



7. Numbing cream plastic wrap

Numbing Cream plastic wrap on Amazon

This tiny spool of plastic wrap is the perfect size for eyebrows. 



8. Pre-Draw Pencil and Pencil Sharpener Combo

Pre Draw Pencils on Amazon

We LUVV this pre-draw pencil for so many reasons a few being: they are long lasting and withstand numbing cream and gel, the pencil sharpener that comes with them in the pack make them SO SHARP which will ensure a perfect and concise line and they are so cute and perfect for content for your social media feed! Also, you don't have to use a razor blade or anything crazy to sharpen the pencil because who wants to do that!


9. Pigment

Madluvv 6 Pigment Set on Amazon

Synthetic, non dripping or drying gel consistency, SUPER pigmented, perfectly colored, vegan and cruelty free AND AMAZING healed results. 


 or individual colors here- 


10. Single Sided Disposables

#18U- .20mm
#12- .25mm
#9- .25mm


SUPER SHARP, affordable, amazing results, and CUTE packaging "for the gram".



11. Double Sided Microblading and Shading disposables


These double sided duos are SUPER SHARP, dual sided for added manual shading as well as microblading, EASY to use, affordable, amazing results.


12. Stencils

6 Stencil Set on Amzazon

These stencils are our first product ever and have become a CULT classic. We have sold thousands of these babies and artists love them! Artists who start using them SWEAR by them! We do too!!! 6 amazing shapes, super easy to use, cut time and increase symmetry of pre-draw every-time!!! You can still customize the shape and they are great for new artists who are struggling with mapping!


13. Storage Drawer

We also like this one

Storage drawer option 2 on Amazon

Organization and sanitation is key to a successful microblading business!  


14. And this to showcase pigments  

Showcase pigment kit on Amazon


15. Stainless steel tray

Stainless Steel Tray on Amazon

We love using these with the Dental Bibs


16. Pinkiou pigment ring holder

Pigment Ring Holder on Amazon 

These are awesome for holding your numbing gel and pigment ring cups in between passes etc and can be sanitized with cavacide.



17. Saddle stool

Saddle Stool on Amazon

If you are not using a saddle stool- YOU NEED TO! It will improve your posture, take the pressure off your back and neck and will change your life!



18. Massage Table

Massage Table on Amazon 

Affordable and perfect for the job!



19. Ring light with soft light attachment

Ring Light on Amazon

We swear by well lit pics and love the soft light attachment and phone attachment on this light!


20. Lash/Brow Spoolies 

Spoolies on Amazon

Love these for grooming the brow and showcasing results!


We would love to hear what some of your must haves are! Let us know in the comments below!



The Madluvv Team

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