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Everything You Need To Know About Madluvv's Line of Pigments

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Hi Brow Babes!
We wanted to take a second and say a huge thank you to all of those who have supported and purchased our Madluvv Pigment! We have received an immense amount of positive feedback via social media comments, personal messages and through AMAZING before & after pictures actually using our pigment. With all the excitement and buzz of the new line, we have received a lot of questions from tons of amazing and knowledgeable artists who want only the best products for their clients! We want to answer the majority of your questions here and tell you our top 10 questions and answers about our pigment!


Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our pigments:


1- What is the consistency of the pigment?
The consistency of the pigment is a gel consistency. This consistency allows for maximum retention inside of hair stroke and keeps the crisp hair stroke look, unlike any other pigment. The gel-like consistency of the formulation cuts waste due to its slow drying and non-dripping attributes. 

Madluvv Pigment
2- Are the pigments pre modified(do I need to mix the colors)?
All of the colors are pre-modified so there is no need to mix any of the colors. If you would like to darken any of the colors up we recommend adding a drop of Jet Black or Darkest Brown but for the majority of your clients, it is not necessary to have to mix any of the pigments.


3- Is the pigment synthetic? Vegan? Cruelty free?
The pigment is synthetic (derived from the highest quality organic components and ingredients). We are proud to say our line of pigments is vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.


4- I cannot afford the deluxe set yet, so what are the top 3 most commonly used colors in your pigment line?
Darkest Brown, Brunette, and Medium Brown are the most popular colors in the set.


5- Does the color line retain well? What is the percentage of retention?
Retention is exceptional with proper technique and aftercare practices (estimation of 80-90% depending on aftercare, age, and skin type).


6- Does the color line heal warm/ cool?
Expect pigment to heal anywhere from precisely true to color to a little ashier than the initial result from the initial appointment (depending on the client’s skin’s undertone, oxidization level, and overall health). 


7- Ive never seen pigment in an airless pump bottle, what is the benefit of that?
These 6 pigments come housed in a 10 ml airless pump bottle which eliminates waste and keeps your pigment sanitary. It is easy to see the amount remaining in the bottle (making it easy and stress-free to know when to re-order). 


8- What is the best way to apply your pigments throughout the appointment?
The best way to implement the product throughout the appointment is to get pigment onto the blade, make hair strokes, wipe and re-dip the pigment onto your tool (and repeat until the pass is complete). We then recommend wiping off the brow and applying a mask to the brow and wait 30 seconds- a minute and wipe off following each pass. The same principle applies to machine applications.


9- How much product will I need for each application?
1/2-1 ring cup full. This product is super pigmented and a little goes a long way!


10- Can I use this product with a machine application as well or just manual?
This pigment has been formulated to be used for both machine and manual applications. No need to dilute!


More about the pigment and frequently asked questions about this pigment can be found here!
We LUVV seeing artists using Madluvv Ink Brow Pigments! To get featured on our upcoming newsletters and social media platforms- please tag @madluvvbrows & #madluvvbrows along with the pigment color and any other Madluvv Products you used! 




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