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The Future of Microblading

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The future of microblading is DISPOSABLE!  

madluvv disposable microblading pens


A question we commonly get from new artists (who have not been trained to adhere to the best sanitation techniques) is, “why do you use disposable tools?”


That is such a simple question, with an intricate response.

The short answer we give is “it is far more sanitary and safe to use for both artist and client.”


The long answer we give is, “Disposable blades exponentially minimize the possibility of transferring bloodborne pathogens from client to client or from client to artists. Bloodborne pathogens are microscopic, INVISIBLE organisms that live in blood and can cause a bloodborne transfer in disease and serious infections to humans. Did you know, your career as a microblading artist has just as high of a risk in transferring diseases as a healthcare professional or surgeon? Where there is blood and open skin, there is risk for contamination and the spread of disease, and the same rules for sanitation apply!"


Did you know if you use a non disposable tool (with a disposable blade) and dispose properly of the blade and sanitize your tool with cavicide, there is still a great chance blood borne pathogens on the tool?


Using the non disposable tool on the next client or even handling it as the artist is a huge risk. One that can be totally solved with the use of a disposable microblading tool!


Disposable tools are quickly becoming the new standard of health and sanitation in the microblading world, here are the top three reasons we think disposable blades are CRUCIAL to your own microblading practice:


1- Sanitation:


The SPCP (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) has stated, “1-time use disposable microblading tools are safest for both artist and client because it reduces the risk of cross-contamination (blood borne pathogens).”


The reputable brands of disposablemicroblades are packaged and housed in their own sterile EO gas blister packs. This packaging should include important information such as Lot #, Expiration Date and other information needed to ensure they are safe and sterile to use (and to meet health department requirements). As an artist- carefully examine each disposable you use BEFORE OPENING, to make sure everything looks untampered with, completely sterile and properly housed in its healthcare grade packaging.


2-Cost/time effective

Did you know if you are using a non-disposable tool, that you must then go through a lengthy and long process to sanitize your tools (Click Here to see a detailed list of the long process here)?


Because your microblading tool is involved with blood, like a surgical tool- the treatment of the two and the equipment should be the same. This grade of surgical sterilization tools required to sanitize a non-disposable tool are thousands of dollars and take quite a bit of time and are required to be sanitized and handled in a room separate from your microblading suite! If you do use a disposable tool you can completely eliminate this lengthy process and dispose of your entire tool in a sharps container!



3- Be on the cutting edge (literally)

Want to have the confidence of not only yourself, but of your clients and fellow microbladers? Use the most sanitary, highest quality and sharpest tools in the industry!


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