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How to UNLEASH The Magic Of The Madluvv Mapping Pencil

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 Our Brow Boss Mapping pencil is a MIRACLE WORKER for Microblading Artists and is SO underutilized by so many artists! We all know our pencil is incredible for its amazing outlining precision during the mapping process and for the way it can stay on perfectly during numbing and anesthetic removal, but did you know our pencil can morph to pre-draw your stroke pattern!?

Thats right! The Madluvv Brow Boss Pencil can be sharpened two ways depending on your preference and here’s how:

Pointed Pencil Tip

(great for pre-drawing with stencils)

1- Pull down string (about an inch) and unwrap pencil about 2-3 times to make it thin enough to fit into the sharpener.

2- Sharpen and voila- STENCIL and slay in seconds!



To achieve a flat edge

(perfect for free handing and pattern pre-draw application):

1-Pull down string and unwrap pencil until about 1” of the pencil is exposed.

2- Take a razor blade and apply pressure to the back of the pencil with your finger while sharpening to a fine, flat edge.

3- Repeat to the other side of the pencil until you get a fine point.


Example of pattern pre-draw:

Proof The Brow Boss Pencil's staying power during numbing and anesthetic removal!

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