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6 Best Reviewed Microblading Kits to Buy

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The perfect brows have been a staple in the beauty and fashion industry. For centuries, the standard of beauty has been evolving from time to time and each generation definitely makes sure to be on-trend.

Today’s generation has learned to go beyond beauty standards and expectations and embrace the natural beauty blessed to women.

And with the evolution of beautification and procedures, the perfect eyebrows are now achievable through microblading.

If you happen to be interested in microblading or an amazing artist looking for the best deals for your craft, this article will show you the low-down on microblading must-haves.


Fleek on Focus 

With the technology and evolution of beauty procedures, microblading is a total game-changer. The days plucking almost all your brow hair are gone. Before it was the thinner the better – what a nightmare!

Because of such a trend, intensive plucking and removal of brow hairs have caused some people’s hair not to grow back. This resulted in women getting tattooed brows to fill in what was lost.

Tattooed brows were a savior from thin and barely-there arches to no brows at all. However, there were unflattering results and consequences from getting tattooed brows.

Tattooed brows are like any other tattoos — they are permanent. They are embedded on your skin to last a lifetime.

But, now…the cosmetic brow industry has various techniques and services to save, shape, and correct eyebrows. And one of the greatest developments in beauty and aesthetics is microblading.


New to Microblading? 

The cosmetic brow industry has been growing over the past years. So, if you are an artist in training or an esthetician leveling up their game, you will need the best microblading tools to have the job done.

To be successful in your artistry of microblading, all you need to do is perfect your technique. To achieve this, you will need to do a lot of work and practice. Next to that is that you must provide high-quality service. Thus, it all boils down to your mastery of the technique and tools you use.

So, what are the essential microblading tools that you must have?
Measuring Tools / Mapping Kit
Microblading Pigment
Microblading Holder & Blades
Pigment rings


Measuring Tools / Mapping Kit 

It is vital to identify the exact shape and measurement of brows that will perfectly suit your client's face. Tools are basic necessities to get the precise calculation for the perfect symmetry of the ideal brow shape.

There are a variety of tools you can use. You will basically need a marking pen, measuring devices, or different kinds of stencils. These are important at the beginning of the whole microblading process.


Microblading Pigment 

Pigments are one of the most important ingredients in the microblading process. You need to have an ample amount and supply of multiple colors to match different skin tones and natural hair colors. It is best to invest in high-quality pigment to have excellent results and prolong the longevity of the brows.


Microblading Holder & Blades 

Holders can come in different designs. They are basically used to hold the micro-blades, therefore making them a must in your microblading kit. The perfect holder can help you create the perfect cut by etching the surface of the skin.

Along with this, holders are useless without the blades. There will be no microblading without blades. And this is the ultimate equipment you need to invest in.

These blades are the key to inserting the pigment into the micro-incisions on the skin’s surface. They are the brushes for your artwork. So choose well.


Pigment Rings 

These cute accessories aren’t worn for adornment. Pigment rings are vital tools in the technique as they will basically help you speed up the process.

This plastic ring is filled with pigment and it goes on your finger for you to easily dip the blade during the process. Make sure you have plenty of these.

So, these are the 4 important items that you need to possess to help you on your journey to be an excellent microblading artist.

With the outstanding skillset that you have flourished and the perfect tools and items for the job, you will be guaranteed to succeed in the microblading industry.

2022’s Best Microblading Kits Must-Haves

Now that you have the gist of the essentials of microblading, here are 6 amazing kits from Madluvv that you will need to conquer the PMU business.



The kit includes:
2 – Stencils: Socialite (P); Socialite (R)
1 – Box of 3 Mapping Pencils with Sharpener
1 – Box of Pre-inked Mapping String (32 ft)
1 – Madluvv Caliper (150mm)

Knowing the perfect eyebrow shape for your client’s face is the most important step in the process.

The MADLUVV Brow Mapping Kit is the best one for the job. It comes with a complete package of items from stencils to even a sharpener for your pencils.

With this kit in your drawer, you will definitely create the perfect brow shape all the time. Perfect shape and flawless fleek with your reach!



This top-selling kit contains:
3 – Nano Disposable Pens
3 – Double-Sided Microblading and Shading Disposable Pens
1 – Madluvv Soft Brown #111 Pigment
1 – “Bohemian (R)” Low Profile Eyebrow Stencil
1 – Set of 3 Mapping Pencils and Sharpener
1 – Box of Madluvv Mapping String
1 – Madluvv Reusable Pouch

This is a perfect kit for beginners and experienced artists who want the best products in their stash. The MADLUVV's Best of 2019 Set is the MVP of microblading kits that artists want to get their hands on.

All the vital ingredients in one pouch will make you a top-tier microblading artist. From pens to pigments and stencils that go along in a pouch to pack it all, all you need to create the perfect brows in one fantastic kit. Definitely, a must-have!




This Microblading kit includes:
3 – Classic Disposable Pens
3 – Double-Sided Microblading and Shading Disposable Pens
1 – Madluvv Charcoal #114.5 Pigment
1 – “First Lady (P)” Original Eyebrow Stencil
1 – Set of 3 Mapping Pencils and Sharpener
1 – Box of Madluvv Mapping String
1 – Madluvv Reusable Pouch

The Madluvv’s Best of 2020 Set is another essential kit that you will definitely need. With Madluvv’s signature classic disposable microblading pens along with your brow shaping necessities, you will surely deliver the best brows on fleek. It all goes together in the Madluvv’s pouch for your convenience. Shape your client’s brows anytime and anywhere!



In this kit you will get:
1 – 10 Single Side Blades #9
1 – 3 Madluvv Stencils
1 – Madluvv Ink 10ml (Soft Brown #111)
1 – Brow Mapping Pencil Pack of 3 with Sharpener
1 – Pre-inked Mapping String
1 – Bag of Ring Cups (100 pcs)
1 – Madluvv Practice Skin

If you’re a fresh artist ready to take on the SPMU industry, the Madluvv Starter Box of 5 Microblading products is the kit that you will surely need. At the start of your microblading career, make sure you have the best.

All the basics you need are in this bundle of joy to create the perfect brows. The starter pack lets you try and experience most of Madluvv’s top-quality and in-demand products. Believe us when we say, this is totally worth every dollar of your microblading investment.



In this box you will get to have:
1 – 10 Single-Sided Blades #9
1 – 10 Double Sided Blades #18u / 5r
1 – 6 Sets of Madluvv Original Stencils
3 – Madluvv Ink 10ml (Blonde 110, Soft Brown 111, Darkest
Brown 114)
1 – Brow Mapping Pencil Pack of 3 with Sharpener
1 – Zensa Numbing Cream 30ml
1 – Pack of 100 Ring Cups
1 – Pre-inked Mapping String
1 – Madluvv Practice Skin

Now, if you wanna raise your brow game and build the ultimate microblading stash, Madluvv’s Bold Box of 8 is the treasure chest for you. Everything you need in the brow creation process is in this marvelous box.

With 20 blades, various pigments, a mapping kit, accessories, and even your very own practice skin, you are the microblading rockstar to beat! Get to the best of Maddluvv in this amazing bundle. Totally worth it!



In this bundle you will receive:
1 – Set of Madluvv Ink
1 – Box of 10 #9 Blades
1 – Box of 10 #14 Nano Blades
1 – Box of 10 Double Sided #18u / 5r Blades
1 – 6 Sets of Madluvv Classic Stencils
1 – 6 Sets of Madluvv Low Profile Stencils
1 – Pre-inked Mapping String
1 – Brow Mapping Pencil Pack of 6 with Sharpener
3 – Zensa Numbing Cream 30ml
1 – Pack of 100 Ring Cups (1.5cm)
1 – Madluvv Practice Skin

Getting the Brow Boss Box will make you feel like it’s your birthday when you open this bundle of joy. With all the incredible top-notch products of Madluvv, you’ll definitely be crowned the brow boss in the game.

This set comes with 11 amazing items from Madluvv that you’ll definitely love. With all of this, you got everything you need to take your microblading to a top-notch level. The Brow Boss Box is the best investment you’ll have in the SPMU industry!

Gotta Love Madluvv 

Did you fall in love with all of Madluvv’s kits? There are dozens of microblading tools out in the market but nothing can compare to the quality of Madluvv products.

If you’re a new artist on the block or an esthetician who’s perfecting their craft, Madluvv is your ultimate key to getting to the top! So, what are you waiting for? Check them out here.

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