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A Step by Step Guide to Eyebrow Mapping

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If you've been on the Internet recently, you're likely to have come across the phrase "on fleek." It is often used to compliment people who have the “perfect” eyebrow shape.

There are a lot of ways to create fleek eyebrows, and one of them is through eyebrow mapping.

In this article, we will learn about:
  • What is eyebrow mapping
  • Factors to consider when eyebrow mapping
  • How to do it
  • What products can you use

Ready to get those beautifully arched eyebrows? Let’s get started!

What Is Eyebrow Mapping?

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to shaping the brows since each set of brows is unique for each person.

While trying to shape your client’s brows, it is important to make sure you follow their natural brow shape so they can best fit their face.

Overly arched eyebrows will give them a strict or dominating look, while straight ones are just… Emotionless.

In situations wherein you’re torn between what’s best for your client’s facial features, this is when brow mapping comes into play!

Brow mapping is a way to figure out what brow shape best compliments your client’s face.

Even though the process is the same for everyone, the end result is unique because it's all based on your client’s own eye and face shape. New York City brow expert Azi Sacks adds that this is one of the easiest ways to avoid big mistakes, such as a brow getting too thin or an arch being moved in too far.

Why is Eyebrow Mapping important? 

Eyebrow mapping generates the ideal brow form and size for your client’s face.

Here are some benefits of eyebrow mapping

  • Helps frame the eyes
  • Improves the ability to sculpt your ideal brow shape
  • Helps achieve brow symmetry
  • Refines your overall look
  • Balances the face
  • Gives off a more youthful look

How To Achieve Eyebrow Mapping

Begin by marking three critical places along each brow with a brow pencil:

  • the front
  • the arch
  • the tail

In the picture shown above, 1 is the front, 2 is the arch, and 3 is the tail.

    • To identify the front, run the end of your pencil vertically from your client’s nose dimple to the inner corner of their eye, noting where the pencil crosses their brow. 

      • To identify the arch, draw a line from the dimple of the nose to the brow, but this time bend it slightly diagonally so that it's in line with the outside of the iris—this is where the arch should be the tallest.

          • Finally, angle your pencil from the side of your client’s nose to the corner of their eye closest to their ear to determine where the tail of your client’s brow should terminate. These three parts will assist you in determining the overall form of their brows.

              • Then, using your brow pencil, connect these points to trace the top of their brow. Then, draw that similar curve around the bottom of their brow. In this step, it's up to your client’s how thick they want their brows to be.
              • Pro tip: If their brows are thick and fluffy, it can be hard to get a clear shape. Before you start to outline your map, we suggest trimming their eyebrows.

                  • Great! You have now created their brow shape. To establish symmetry and clean up their brows, tweeze any brow hairs that stray outside the lines.

                  Factors to Consider When Eyebrow Mapping

                  Face Shape

                  Certain brows may appear great on other people's faces but not on your client’s, and vice versa.

                  A common rule of thumb is that round faces, regardless of form or arch, benefit from a balanced thickness in the brow. In contrast to more sculpted looks, anything overly thick or thin might overshadow the face.

                  Potential Eyebrow Shapes

                  Eyebrows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and getting them done typically means they'll finish up in a variety of shapes and sizes.

                  The arched brow is the most classic brow form, although there are numerous variants of it. For a long time, Instagram has promoted S-shaped or hard-angled brows, which may seem rather powerful depending on the brow color and arch height.

                  However, since it might seem artificial, there are milder choices for those who don't want their brows to look so shapely.

                  Eyebrows that are straight, rounded, or curved all have their own beauty.

                  What Products To Use For Eyebrow Mapping

                  The appropriate brow tools may make or break your final mapping results. Let’s take a look at some of the materials experts use to complete eyebrow mapping.

                  Mapping Pencil

                  Mapping pencils are ideal for outlining your client’s brows in order to achieve uniformity in achieving the same brow shape.

                  The Madluvv Brow Boss Mapping Pencil is made to help you get the perfect lines when you're mapping your client’s brows. They come in both a 3 pack and a 6 pack, with a sharpener which will help you achieve a sharper pencil. Sharper pencils = more accurate lines!

                  This wax-based pencil is the perfect choice for mapping your client’s eyebrows. The markings will stay in place throughout the entire mapping process and even through your first pass until you wipe.


                  By using a caliper to measure, you can accomplish more accurate marking lines.

                  These calipers are made to:

                  • Achieve accuracy and proper facial proportions with the detailed measurement markings.
                  • Fit any face shape and correct asymmetry so you can get the perfect brow.
                  • Accompany you wherever you go. These calipers are conveniently sized and lightweight, perfect for traveling.

                  Mapping String

                  To help you map your client’s brows quicker pre-inked mapping string is designed to assist you.

                  The string is used to make extra horizontal lines above and below the brows so that they're all the same length. This makes the brows look more uniform.

                  Once the right shape is found, it is drawn.

                  Mapping string will give you the lines you need to make your client’s brows look symmetrical. Madluvv PMU Mapping strings come in boxes that have strings that are 32 ft long and should last you about 15-20 times.

                  This material is recommended by both professionals and people who want to do it on their own. Also, it has been proven to make the process of mapping their eyebrows more efficient.

                  Here’s a sample feedback for this product by a professional:

                  Not a lash artist or a microblader? No need to worry! Here’s feedback from a non-professional:


                  Brow stencils are flexible pieces of plastic or stickers that create a template to assist shape and groom arches to perfection.

                  They just do the job, whether you're using them as a guideline for where to tweeze or merely as a roadmap for where to fill in brows.

                  Almost all microblading and cosmetics professionals should have these. If you own a brow salon or bar, you must have these stashed in your supplies.

                  These stencils come in various shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

                  These stencils are made of a sturdier yet still malleable material to keep that ideal form when outlining. Also, these can be easily cleaned by cavicide or alcohol wipes.

                  Give your customers those perfect eyebrows they always deserved! 

                  If you are new to eyebrow mapping, you can buy all the products suggested above so that you can sample them, then decide which material is easier for you to use.

                  If you want a kit that has all the eyebrow mapping items you need, you can go for this Madluvv Brow Mapping Kit.

                  This will save you time to scout over products to use for eyebrow mapping. Plus, it is made under the same brand, ensuring you with products that have the same ingredients and are of high quality.

                  The kit contains the following items:

                  • 2 Stencils: Socialite (P) Socialite (R)
                  • 3 Mapping Pencils in a Box with Sharpener
                  • 1 box of pre-inked Mapping String (32 ft)
                  • 1 Caliper (150 mm)
                  • Pouch

                  Lastly, while it's important to have highly pigmented products, you also have to consider these important points in eyebrow mapping.

                  It’s important to have symmetrical brows, but it's also important to think of them as sisters rather than twins. Each brow's hair may eventually develop somewhat differently, and one may have a cowlick while the other does not.

                  To simplify, you must work with the brows your clients have, so don't get too caught up in having every single hair seem precisely the same.

                  Also, go gently, especially when it comes to eliminating the excess hairs. It's easier to go back in and remove more hair than it is to regenerate new hair, particularly as we age. Instead of becoming tweezer-happy, pluck one hair at a time, continually reviewing how their brows appear.

                  Mastering how to create flawless brows for your clients requires sufficient time and effort. But, it’s not impossible for you to get those perfectly arched eyebrows they always deserved.

                  Go give them that fleek!

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