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How to Apply Microblading Ink for 90% Retention

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When it comes to looking your best as you get older, all beauty experts agree that having excellent eyebrows to frame your face makes all the difference.

One of the newest discoveries these days is the use of microblading.

Microblading requires the use of small equipment such as teeny, tiny needles rather than a typical tattoo gun. These needles are used to draw intricate hair strokes by hand while simultaneously depositing color under the skin. The end result? Brow hairs that seem real and don't wash off.

In this article, we will learn about:
  • What are microblading inks
  • How to apply them
  • Where to buy those that are up to 90% retentive

Let’s get started!

What Are Microblading Inks 

There are only two kinds of microblading pigments: inorganic and organic pigments. The organic ink is pre-mixed with fruit or vegetable-based colors, which are referred to as "lake pigments" by specialists.

These oil dispersible pigments simply mean that the color dye will mix in better with the skin and have a less "clumpy" feel.

Organic Microblading Pigments 

When choosing which pigment to use, organic pigments seem to have more benefits than inorganic ones.

Organic microblading pigments are:

  1. More natural-looking
  2. Lasts longer
  3. Safer
  4. Ensures a quick recovery with the right aftercare procedures

Coloring is significantly more realistic when using a semi-permanent organic microblading pigment. Even if the ink fades over time, the brows will never get to the point of "changing colors."

When you use organic pigments, you can be certain that your brow color will not change or contrast with your client’s skin tone. Organic pigments, on the other hand, may lose their vivid hue when exposed to sunshine or chemicals.

How to Apply Microblading Ink

The best way to introduce how to apply microblading inks is to know the basics of microblading itself.

Step 1: Use a stencil to achieve the shape you want.

The initial step is to sketch the desired form as well as the brow hairs.

This phase is crucial because it guarantees that you have a solid foundation and a plan to follow. The last thing you want to do is start drawing your client’s brows freehand.

To achieve this, you might want to use a stencil to get you started. This way, you may try on different shapes to achieve a perfect outline.

They come in various shapes and sizes, giving you more options to choose from. Madluvv has a variety of eyebrow stencils in different shapes and styles.

Step 2: Put on numbing cream.

Make sure to put some numbing cream on your client’s skin because this is still a type of tattooing and there are sharp needles and blades involved. You want to ensure that your client has a great experience, not a painful one.

Remember that you need to let the cream sit for a while before you can start the microblading process. To do this, you might want to pinch a little on their eyebrow area and see to it that it doesn’t hurt that much.

Step 3: Choose your ink colors.

The more choices, the better.

In search of the best pigments? Madluvv's luxury pigment line has 10 colors that are very pigmented and one shading solution that helps you get a perfect application every time.

These pigments have already been modified to make microblading easier. They made these 10 shades so that they would be easy to apply and keep their color.

Aside from these, here are some advantages of Madluvv’s pigments:

  • They’re organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.
  • The pigments have already been modified. There is no need to mix with other colors unless you want to make a different color.
  • Gel-like consistency, the pigment holds up well in the skin during the appointment so it doesn't drip or dry out of the skin.
  • The pigment comes in a 10ml airless pump bottle, which makes your pigment last longer and cuts down on waste.

Step 4: Microblading proper.

Of course, this is done after sanitizing all the tools you will use and putting on gloves.

It's now time to pick up your microblading tool and start applying the pigment to the skin. The most important thing is to be careful and alert.

Start at the end of the eyebrow and work your way up. At the part near your nose, be extra careful because that's where most people make mistakes because that's the thinnest part of the brow.

Remember that you want each line to be as thin as possible because you want to look like real hair.

Continue shading and wipe away the excess color from their brows with a paper towel so you can see exactly what you're doing. When you're finished, clean up any leftover color and touch up any spots that require more hair.

Step 5: Aftercare

For best results, avoid the following items for at least 10 days:

  • Brows should not be washed or touched.
  • Avoid putting oil on brows.
  • Allow no sweat to flow onto brows.
  • Avoid brows exposure to the sun.
  • Don't apply makeup on brows.
  • Keep hair away from brows.

Where to buy microblading ink that is 90% retentive

It is essential as a microblading specialist to have quality pigments. Some products will not last longer than expected. To ensure that your clients will get the best results, make sure that your pigment is made up of ingredients that assure 90% retentive.

Madluvv’s Ink Deluxe Set is tested and proven to have ink pigments that are 80-90% retentive after the first appointment if applied correctly.

Expect the pigment to heal anywhere from perfectly true to hue to a touch ashier than the first result (depending on the oxidation degree of the skin).

Aside from the retention, their pigments can also be used both in a manual procedure or with the use of a machine.

You’ll surely love the results. Try it for yourself!

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