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One Tip You Need To Make Brow Mapping Easy

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I know we all can agree, mapping can be quite overwhelming and tedious, yet, it is the most crucial part of the microblading process. That's why we came up with a way to make brow mapping easy with brow stencils. Our stencils have been flying off the shelves- they help PMU artists achieve a symmetrical outline before the permanent makeup process, without the stress and wasted time. Incorporating Madluvv stencils into your microblading routine will seriously change your life, it'll make mapping a breeze resulting in perfect brows every time. 

Madluvv stencils

With 3 different stencil sets (12 stencils in each set), we have a stencil for every client that walks through your door. Below are some helpful tips that will help aid you in choosing the most-fitting brow stencil for your client. 

How to choose the right Madluvv brow stencil for your client:

  1. Measure your client's A (starting point), B (arch point), C (end point), and D Line (optional - but we recommend it!).
  2. Consult with your client about their brows and their desired shape, then hold the potential stencil(s) up to your client's brow.
  3. Once you have decided what shape to use - hold up both regular and petite size of the shape to your client's brow. Choose the stencil that correctly measures from point A-B and BOOM! Enjoy the most perfectly shaped and mapped brows. 

Madluvv stencils

"I have been using these stencils for years and can never go back! I teach courses and they are a MUST in all the kits I give to each of my students. 100% recommend!" - Makenzie C.

Madluvv stencils

Pro Tip: If stenciling your client laying down is tricky for you, sit your client up!


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