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Madluvv Eyebrow Stencils- Answers To Your Most Asked Questions!

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We are so excited you are all luvving and raving about The 2.0 version of our "Original" Madluvv stencils and our ALL NEW "Low Profile" stencils!



Our "Original" stencils have simplified and perfected tens of thousands of artists' brow mapping technique and our "Low Profile" Stencil Set is no exception- it will blow your mind!

This set made for low arched client's is the next best thing to add to your collection and we cannot wait to give you all of our little tips, tricks and secrets!

We compiled a list of 8 of our most asked questions about the stencils below: 

What is the difference between the "petite" and "regular" stencil size?

The difference between our petite and regular stencil is that the front of the brow to the arch is a shorter distance on the petite stencil and a farther out on the regular. We suggest selecting the stencil size that best fits your clients measurement from A-B and brow bone structure at the arch!


 How do I hold the stencil?

We use a 'two-finger hold' on our Madluvv stencils with our fingers in a widened 'peace sign' position. It is especially important for permanent makeup artists to avoid moving their fingers too much while stenciling because this can distort the shape. 


Can I use this stencil at home for makeup or is it only for microblading artists?

Madluvv stencils can be used in so many ways! Microblading artists can use them to help achieve a symmetrical outline before the permanent makeup process, makeup artists can use them for clients, aestheticians can use them for waxing or brow henna. They are so versatile and can easily be sanitized and reused!



How do I know what size to choose?

 Choosing a stencil shape and size depends on a few factors including:
1. Natural hair growth
2. Bone structure
3. You and your client's expected outcome

Below are our best guesses as to which brow shape we would use based on the celebrity's natural hair growth and bone structure:

"Naturalista"                    "Mystic"                     "Bohemian" 
"First Lady"                "Trophy Wife"                "Socialite" 


Can I use this for waxing or brow shaping?

Yes! Our Madluvv stencils are a great tool for people to use when waxing or brow shaping.
All of our stencils can now be easily disinfected and reused without losing any of the film or markings!


Are the new low profile stencils made out of the same material as the 2.0 stencils that were just released?

YES! All of our stencils are now made out of a stronger material that is still pliable in order to hold that perfect shape while outlining. They are also very easy to clean with cavacide while not losing any film or markings so they can be reused!


I keep getting a bulge in the stenciled shape when I do the bottom portion of the brow. How do I avoid this?

Our biggest tip to avoid getting a bulge in your shape is to have the tip of the pencil facing towards you while you glide the pencil along the bottom of the stencil for the lower part of the brow.
Another way to avoid contorting the shape is to make sure that you are not applying too much pressure and causing the skin to bulge through the stencil.


What do all of the markings mean on the stencil?

All of our stencils are clearly marked with points A, B, C and D which can be very helpful for permanent makeup artists to use when measuring/shaping their clients. 
Always check that the black strip across the top of the stencil is straight across the forehead.


We would luvv to hear from you if you have any other questions and look forward to seeing your beautiful work on social media using our stencils and products!
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