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Eyebrow Stencil Series Part 3: Everything You Need To Know About The Socialite Stencil

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 2.0 version of our Madluvv Stencils

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We hope that you loved last week's blog post that told you all you needed to know about The Trophy Wife stencil. As we discussed- choosing a stencil shape and size depends on 3 factors:
1. Natural hair growth
2. Bone structure 
3. You and your client's expected outcome
This week we want to go over The Socialite stencil which is our thickest brow shape and is so bold and beautiful!
There are 3 gorgeous stencil shapes in our six stencil set (with a petite and regular version of each)! The 2 different size options of each shape will help you to accommodate ALL of your clients
(YES- all clients are good candidates for stenciling)!
Let's go over when you would choose our thickest shape, Socialite!
Madluvv Socialite is a great option for clients that have a lot of hair growth, are used to drawing in their brows and/or are wanting a bigger, fuller shape. 
Here are a few examples of someone who would most likely be The Socialite Stencil:
Clients with a lot of natural hair growth
Clients that normally draw in their eyebrows
Clients wanting more shape

Choosing between "Petite" and "Regular"

Once you have decided to use The Socialite Stencil on your client, you now need to decide between  "Petite" and "Regular" lengths- This is so simple!
The difference between our petite and regular eyebrow stencil is the length from Point A to Point B
(or the length from front of the brow to the arch)


We advise you to choose the size that best aligns with your clients facial measurements from point A-B (or from the front of the brow to the arch)!
If you are confused, simply align each stencil and see what stencil looks fitting to their brow bone structure!
When outlining the top portion of the brow be sure to hold the pencil straight up and down- when outlining the bottom portion of the brow be sure to have the point of the pencil facing TOWARDS the top portion of the brow to avoid distorting the shape! 
REMEMBER, we can always make the shape bigger and fuller at the touch-up so make sure that you are not trying to force The Socialite to fit someones face especially when they may not be used to a bold brow.
Check out some beautiful Socialite stencils used to achieve these looks below:
Socialite Regular Stencil By: @skinbypooneh 
Socialite Regular Stencil By: @beautyby_antoinette
Keep an eye out for our next Pro-Tip Monday and for some exciting announcements about NEW Madluvv products coming soon!

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