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How to create a pain-free experience for your clients!

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Whether or not you like to admit it, the idea of microblading is a little intimidating to some clients. The fact that someone is cutting into their skin can take them back on the idea of getting their brows done...and most of the time, the first question they will ask themselves is "how much will it hurt?" 

Of course, your job is to give your client's the best brows anyone has seen, but what most people forget is that your job to make your clients comfortable is just as important as the actual brow work itself. If a client feels comfortable with you during the procedure, there is a 90% chance you have gained a loyal customer.

In order to maintain a loyal clientele, you must create a pleasant appointment for your clients. You spend all this time and energy creating a great ambiance for your clients, only to be negated by a painful experience.

Zensa Numbing Cream

We highly recommend Zensa Numbing Cream (you can find it here). You can reassure your clients this is the most natural numbing cream on the market - only containing a total of 7 carefully sourced ingredients. People often make the mistake that numbing creams that maintain a high percentage will have stronger numbing (which is NOT true). Many numbing creams that have a higher percentage of active ingredients are formulated poorly, do not fully absorb into the skin, and are essentially ineffective. Additionally, oftentimes clients will show prominent effects such as hives, inflammation, redness, swelling, heart palpitation, and shortness of breath. Zensa is formulated to help support pain-free procedures, leaving your clients happy, with the help of:

  • The maximum strength of 5% Lidocaine (the highest percentage available without a prescription)
  • Natural pH (making it safe to use on all skin types and on most sensitive areas)
  • Safe to use on broken skin (able to reapply throughout a procedure to extend numbing)
  • Water-based (doesn't leave a greasy residue or leave skin feeling rubbery)
  • Contains Vitamin E (which helps promote healing)
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free

Your client will be thrilled to hear that the active ingredient, Lidocaine, in Zensa is the least toxic caine available. It's also a non-vasoconstrictor, not affecting the ink that is settling. It is the quickest active ingredient and provides the strongest numbing sensation.  

Want to double check you are applying it correctly on your client? Here are tips and tricks to apply Zensa Numbing Cream:

How to apply Zensa Numbing CreamHow to apply Zensa Numbing CreamHow to apply Zensa Numbing CreamHow to apply Zensa Numbing CreamHow to apply Zensa Numbing CreamHow to apply Zensa Numbing CreamHow to apply Zensa Numbing Cream



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