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3 Key Tips On Getting New Clients

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Are you looking to expand your business? You came to the right spot! 

Social media can no doubt be overwhelming but holds major power in getting new clients. You will see that these 3 stress-free tips will have a large push in growing your clientele.

1. Clean up your social media feed.

Do you have any outdated pictures or highlight content that isn't amazing? ARCHIVE IT! Make sure your most potent and beautiful work is easy to locate for your potential clients

2. Incentivize your clients to post about you!

Offer your clients a free brow clean up/wax (or other simple service) in exchange for a post of their brow before/after or beautiful selfie featuring their brows! (Make sure to repost this on your feed or story)

3. Take better pictures and video content.

Taking great pictures is all about lighting and paying attention to detail. Using your phone camera quality, investing in a ring light, and taking your time when taking before/after pictures will change the game for you!


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