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Is your client a good candidate for microblading?

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It is essential for you as a PMU artist to go over a few key points with your clients before officially booking a microblading appointment.

Educating yourself and your client on the contraindications of microblading is vital so you do not risk damage to your clients skin or health.




Some of the most common contraindications include:


Cancer- Client must be in full remission (doctor's note required).


Diabetes- Client must be controlled and stable (you should consult with your client about any blood thinning medication that they may be on. Doctor's note is suggested if you are unsure).


Blood clotting abnormalities- Case by case basis (doctor's note is suggested if you are unsure).


Keloid scarring- Case by case basis (this is not a frequent concern, even if they keloid scaring on other parts of their body - usually this does not apply to their brow area).


Gential Herpes- Client cannot have active breakouts on face.


Skin disease or condition- Consult with your client (if unsure have them consult with their doctor).


Acne- Client's brow region must be clear and unaffected.


Pregnant/nursing- Doctor's note required.


*Accutane*- Must be off of it for at least 1 year before booking a microblading appointment.


Going over contraindications, having great technique and using only the BEST microblading products can help ensure that you achieve beautiful healed results for your clients!


Healed results using our products:





Products used: Ash #109 & Blonde #110










Products used: Darkest Brown #114, Madluvv Mapping Tools &










  Products used: Medium Brown (3/4) & Brunette (1/4), Madluvv Mapping Tools & Classic 18U Blade





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