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Microblading Procedure - Steps, Cost & Benefits

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A semi-permanent fill can be the best option for people with brow problems, and microblading is the best procedure to get.

Not only does it last for a long time, but with an outstandingly skilled artist, you can assure to have the perfect eyebrows.

In this modern time, aestheticians have evolved and improved the process of eyebrow cosmetics. This makes getting semi-permanent make-up more worthy of the risk.

But before anything else and before getting that perfect eyebrow, let’s find out what’s the gist of this trending beauty procedure.

Learn about the procedure, its cost, and what benefits you will love with microblading.

Let’s check ‘em out!

The Microblading Process

Microblading is not a new term in the beauty industry. It has been around for some time and has garnered a lot of attention, even from celebrities.

The microblading procedure is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing method that engraves thin eyebrow hair-like strands with the use of special blades. These etched brow hairs fill gaps and shape eyebrows making them naturally fuller.

Here are the steps in the microblading procedure.

Step No. 1 — Assessment & Consultation

Whether you are getting your eyebrows done or if you are an aspiring microblading artist, all procedures must begin with an assessment.

During the consultation, the aesthetician will check your eyebrow condition and shape. The natural eyebrows will be checked by their shape, thickness, color, gaps, and scarceness of brow hair.

This step will help the artist to determine the perfect set of brows and how you can get a fuller look. Not only that, the artist will be walking you into the procedure to prepare you and see if you are qualified to get microbladed.

Note: Some people with medical conditions are not suitable to undergo microblading (e.g. pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with autoimmune diseases, people with certain allergies, etc).

Step No. 2 — Measuring & Mapping

The next step will help the artist determine the specific shape and measurement for your eyebrows. With the use of calipers, the aesthetician will position your new brows in place.

With that, and following the golden rule on eyebrow shapes, the perfect shape will be drawn in place. This will be the map and stencil while your eyebrows will be filled.

Step No. 3 — Preparation

After your brow shape has been mapped out, you and the needed materials will be prepared.

The artist will prepare the tools and pigments needed to start the procedure. Pigments will be mixed and matched to verify and come up with the perfect color for your skin tone and hair.

Also, the esthetician will prepare you and your brow area for tattooing. Well, nobody would want to feel the pain of being etched by a blade during the procedure, won't you? With this, numbing is a must.

The skin on your eyebrows will undergo the method of numbing. A numbness cream is applied to the eyebrows so you won’t feel any pain. This anesthetic can be done depending on the client’s sensitivity.

Step No. 4 — Microblading

When everything is all prepped, the actual microblading will begin. The artist will engrave fine hair-like strokes on the eyebrow skin with the use of special microblade tools. This process will be done in layers, so if you didn’t undergo numbing it will be quite painful.

The procedure will be done until all the etched strands are in place and your brow shape is filled. To get the best-microbladed brows, it is best to have an expert and licensed PMU artist. But, it’s also a must to use the best and most reliable microblading tools to get the perfect brows.

Step No. 5 — Healing & Retouch

Now that your brows are done, what’s next?

At this point, your brows will feel and swell a bit. It is also common that it will be red because of the small cuts done during the process. Your microblading artist must explain and orient you on the aftercare instructions for the healing process.

All qualified PMU artists undergo this training and it is an essential part of the whole process. This is to avoid complications and unwanted results. If you diligently follow the aftercare procedure, you might just take 2 weeks to completely heal up and have the best results.

Several weeks after healing, you will be advised for follow-up sessions. This is to have touch-ups and add more pigment if needed. It is to make sure that no gaps are missed and have perfect brow results.

Microblading Costs

You might be wondering how much does it cost to get microbladed brows? An intricate beauty procedure such as this will require great expertise of a licensed PMU artist and the best of tools and materials to achieve the perfect brows.

The pricing of microblading may vary depending on certain factors like location, artist experience, popularity, tools, and materials used. In today’s industry, the average cost for microblading is around $600. However, this can vary from $250 to as much as $2,000.

It’s important to do research and choose the most qualified artist to do the brow job. Not only will you make the right investment, but you will also spare yourself from unwanted disappointing results.

Benefits of Microblading

Wouldn’t you want to spend money and time on something that can change not just your look, but also your life?

Well, microblading can definitely give you that. Here are life-changing benefits of microblading that you will surely love.

You get the perfect brows

Since microbladed brows are well-constructed, you are secure to always have the perfect brows. Since they are tattooed on your brow skin, you won’t be needing to touch-up your brows throughout the day or be worried that they will be gone by the end of the day. You’ll have flawless brows even after you just woke up.

You save money

Add up how much you were spending on pomades, pencils, and gels every month, how much does that cost in a year or two? When you have microbladed brows, you wouldn’t need to buy so many cosmetics to achieve that daily on fleek brows.

They are long-lasting

With the procedure used in microblading, you are assured that your brows won’t be disappearing in no time. Not only that, you don’t need to worry about it fading or changing color. This is because the right pigment is carefully chosen for your skin tone, unlike old-fashion tattooed brows.

Your brow routine gets shorter

Whether you wish to style your brows differently or keep the look as it is, microbladed brows definitely make the routine shorter. No need to fill in so much and clean edges since your brows are already flawlessly shaped to perfection.

They are permanent

In microblading, pigments are carefully etched on the brow skin just like how tattooing is done. But with more precision because of the tools, the results are much better and realistically flawless compared to tattoo eyebrows. Because of that, your brows are long-lasting even up to 3 years. Not to mention, they are waterproof!

On-fleek and On-point

Wanna dive into the world of microblading artistry? Or maybe you’re an artist ready to step up their brow game? Get the best kits and materials for your microblading career. Check them out now at Madluvv!


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